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IGSS 2021 Successfully Concluded



On August 31, 2021, the International GeoInformatics Summer School 2021 (IGSS 2021) successfully came to a close digitally. During these 8 days, a total of 167 young talents from 26 countries and regions around the world shared a feast of knowledge. Inspiration sparks in the multi-cultural communion online. This summer school was sponsored by the state key laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University (LIESMARS), co-organized by Hi-Target. Meanwhile, the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UNGG-IM) and the Joint International Research Laboratory of GeoInformatics (JIRLG) offered strong support.


▲Students from all over the world gathered online

Ideas Sharing at the Final Meeting

The state key laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University (LIESMARS) is committed to delivering the most cutting-edge geospatial knowledge to the students. It also cultivates high-level talents with international perspectives and practical capabilities. Famous tutors from China, Italy and the United States offered online lectures covering three major fields. It involves machine learning, Multi-temporal SAR Interferometry for Disaster Mitigation, Social Sensing, Geospatial Big Data Computing, and Disaster Management. The lectures are of the great significance of technological advances to the development of society and humans. Professor Timo Balz, a German full professor of the laboratory and vice-director of the International Academy of GeoInformation, Wuhan University presided at the closing ceremony. According to their research direction, students completed the reports as group work. Then, the outstanding students had the opportunity to make a presentation to all teachers and students at the final meeting.


▲Professor Timo Balz was hosting at the closing ceremony


Stefan Wei, Marketing Director of Hi-Target International, was invited to share the experience of jointly enhancing the school-enterprise cooperation and deeper talent training with the laboratory. Moreover, he introduced the application cases of Hi-Target in 5G, autonomous driving and power industries in recent years. Finally, he warmly welcomed students to join Hi-Target after their graduation.

Delivering a speech by Stefan 1 - Gather online again, Explore more!

▲Stefan Wei, Marketing Director of Hi-Target International, delivering a speech
The School-Enterprise Joint Training

Hi-Target has cooperated with the laboratory for many years. Based on the common aim, the two parties have initially built up the school-enterprise joint training. It will continue providing technical support, talent training and other assistance to college students in various countries and regions. It’s helpful to commercialize academic research results and technology. While broadening the horizons of international students, it also allows them to have a clear understanding of the industry development in their countries and regions. Simultaneously, it will provide ideas for their future career choices and personal development.

In the End

We are looking forward to the next year when attaining success in fighting against the pandemic. Therefore, students from all over the world would gather at the foot of Luojia Mountain to explore more together.



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