Hi-Target Indonesia Goes To Campus

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    In a commendable effort to foster knowledge exchange and hands-on experience, Hi-Target Indonesia partner Indosurta ventured into Indonesian universities this May, igniting the spirit of learning among young minds. The goal was to conduct lectures and field GNSS ITK System probing activities, and the outcome surpassed all expectations. A multitude of enthusiastic students and dedicated teachers from three prestigious universities in Indonesia participated, turning the event into a resounding success – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    This is not the first time Hi-Target Indonesia team has organized such events, as the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility. They have previously engaged in similar activities, exemplifying their dedication to contributing to the educational development of students.

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    Moreover, the team’s involvement with institutions such as Institut Teknologi Sumatera, SMK Negeri 2 Bandar Lampung, and Universitas Lampung illustrated its unwavering dedication to exploring cooperation with universities. Through these efforts, Hi-Target Indonesia team aims to offer students more profound insights into the geospatial industry while also gaining a better understanding of industry development in diverse regions.


    Let’s take a glimpse into some of the highlights from their recent visits to prominent universities:

Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA)

    During their visit to ITERA, the team conducted an engaging GNSS and CORS workshop, meticulously crafted to include both theoretical and practical courses in geospatial technology. The students were not confined to the classroom; they had the privilege of experiencing fieldwork operations firsthand. This hands-on approach adds an extra dimension to their learning journey, enhancing their understanding of real-world applications.


Courses of Popular Data Acquisition Technology & Applications in ITERA

Hands-on training session - Hi-Target V200 GNSS RTK

Hands-on training session – Hi-Target V200 GNSS RTK

SMK Negeri 2 Bandar Lampung

    SMK Negeri 2 Bandar Lampung, the team skillfully interacted with the students, fostering a dynamic learning atmosphere that transcended both classroom and field settings. The mutual warmth and enthusiasm created an enriching experience for everyone involved. A heartwarming group photo of students holding Hi-Target’s company-related souvenirs captured the sense of camaraderie and connection forged during the event.


Hands-on training session – Hi-Target iRTK4 GNSS RTK

Universitas Lampung (UNILA)

    The visit to UNILA saw the Hi-Target Indonesia team generously providing careful explanations and demonstrations, leaving an indelible impact on the students. The team’s passion for navigation technology and its applications resonated with the attendees, as they eagerly absorbed the knowledge shared. The Hi-Target IRTK4 garnered immense interest among the students, reflecting the significance of cutting-edge technology in shaping their careers.


Hi-Target Indonesia team explained different RTK systems at UNILA


Hands-on training session – Hi-Target iRTK4 GNSS RTK

    Beyond just promoting technical expertise, Indosurta have devoted itself to forging meaningful collaborations with universities nationwide. By facilitating deeper insights into the geospatial industry, it empower students to become frontrunners in the ever-evolving field. Simultaneously, the company itself gain valuable insights into industry developments in diverse regions, fostering a global perspective.

    As Hi-Target continues its mission to bridge the gap between academia and industry, their engagement with young talents is poised to inspire and shape the next generation of geospatial pioneers, leading us into a brighter, more technologically empowered future.

    With a steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility, Hi-Target actively contributes to the advancement of navigation technology by providing technical support and talent training to developing countries like Indonesia. This dedication to education and empowerment is a testament to the positive impact a responsible company can make on society


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