Roadshow of Hi-Target in Indonesia to Meet More New Blood

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Roadshow 1.0 of Hi-Target Indonesia was held from June 6 to 12, 2022. During these 7 days, Hi-Target Indonesia explored East Java and visited several universities with a mission to introduce V30 Plus to students majoring in geodetic engineering. The team consists of Hi-Target Indonesia Country Manager Mr. Daniel Prasetyo and PT. Alat Ukur Indosurta as Hi-Target Official Distributor in Indonesia to present a workshop with the theme of “GNSS, Simple Way for Survey.” On June 8, Hi-Target Indonesia’s first stop was the National Institute of Technology (ITN), located in Malang. Almost 100 students from different grades attended the workshop. A seminar was held in the ITN hall filled with students, lecturers, committees, and speakers. Three speakers: Mr. Daniel, Mr. Fadjrin, and Mr. Alfath explained how GNSS works and how simple it is when it comes to surveying by GNSS. Finally, this seminar ended with a Q&A session, which lasted for 30 minutes. All attendees were so enthusiastic about the GNSS survey and also the specifications and capabilities of the V30 Plus GNSS Receiver. The last agenda is a demonstration of the V30 Plus GNSS Receiver given by Mr. Alfath. All the students have a chance to take a closer look at the operation of V30 Plus. They tried V30 Plus in RTK Internal Radio Mode and particularly many students were eager to gain more hands-on experience in fieldwork.

AFLAG ▲Demonstration of the V30 Plus

AFLAG ▲Hi-Target Indonesia Goes to Campus: National Institute of Technology  


On June 11, Hi-Target Indonesia visited the University of Dr. Sutomo (Unitomo) located in Surabaya. As usual, a forum between students and Hi-Target Indonesia was to exchange theoretical knowledge of GNSS. What’s more, Hi-Target Indonesia made a pop-up quiz to create a cheerful atmosphere, and the one who responded correctly would get a souvenir. There was a bit different from the previous event in the demonstration where V30 Plus was demonstrated in Static Mode. They experienced a static survey with the nearest Jaring Kontrol Horizontal Nasional (JKHN) and their local benchmark. The survey was divided into some sections as they did observation for one hour, 30 minutes, and 15 minutes under different benchmark and environment conditions. The data from the observation was processed in Hi-Target Geomatics Office (HGO).

IMG 7564 scaled - Roadshow of Hi-Target in Indonesia to Meet More New Blood

▲Hi-Target Indonesia Goes to Campus: University of Dr. Sutomo

This remarkable gathering gave us a fantastic opportunity to communicate with new blood in surveying and engineering. Indeed, we are looking forward to exploring more potential with more universities.


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.