Precision UAV Kits

High Precision Components for UAV

We enable commercial drones with high-precision capabilities to meet the ever-increasing needs for security, stability and data accuracy.

RTK Positioning

Enabled UAVs enter the era of high precision application

Traditional UAVs use GPS, barometer and compass for navigation. Due to its insufficient positioning and poor anti-interference ability, it has been unable to meet the needs of emerging industry applications for UAV attitude stability, safety, deliverables accuracy and other continuous improvement. Dedicated in geospatial industry for two decades, we provides high precision, easy-to-integrate solutions to UAV manufacturers to enter the era of precision.
Precision UAV Kits

Onboard RTK/PPK Module

Small, reliable and customizable

Onboard RTK module is a mainstream miniaturized high-precision GNSS receiver module, which can be customized according to the operating environment and accuracy requirements.The module supports multi-band, full constellation tracking, can realize RTK real-time data link and PPK record synchronous work, up to 100Hz navigation positioning data output, so that centimeter level navigation positioning has never been so easy!

Precision UAV Kits

GNSS Helix Antenna

Precise in small-size

AH-3232 is a small active helix antenna designed for drones, which adopts multi-arm spiral technology and supports tracking L1 and L2 dual-band satellite signals of Beidou II (including B3), GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO systems. It’s lightweight and has a customizable shape for batch order.
Precision UAV Kits

Portable GNSS RTK Receiver

Accurate your mission

The Urtk portable GNSS RTK is a compact, reliable, high-precision GNSS receiver that supports all major constellations and provides real-time differential correction for UAVs to ensure centimeter-level navigation accuracy. It also serves as a base station for PPK post-processing, significantly reducing the number of control points in the drone mapping fieldwork.

  • All constellations track
  • Full RTK functionality
  • USB-C, PD fast charging
  • 10 hour endurance
  • 550g light and portable
  • LTE、WLAN and Bluetooth

Precision UAV Kits

UAV Continuous GNSS Correction System

Ultimate precision & reliability

Compared to traditional geodetic CORS, URef high-precision industry CORS is specially developed for emerging applications such as UAVs, autonomous driving, powerline inspection, Communication operator, and logistics to meet its specific needs, such as: networking, differential broadcasting, high concurrency, cell service, etc. A professional team provides technical support for site building.
Precision UAV Kits

PPK Go Post Processing Engine

The PPK Go post-processing engine enables drones to achieve the most accurate and reliable camera positioning data in any coordinate system without measure targets or GCPs. With 2cm accuracies on XYZ, the output text file with position information or geotagged images can then be used directly in major photogrammetric mapping or 3D modeling software.

Precision UAV Kits

ARS Series Airborne LiDAR Payloads

ARS Series Airborne LiDAR is particularly well suited to the task of mapping areas that are occluded by ground vegetation, mapping in low light conditions and mapping of narrow objects such as transmission lines, pipes and sharp-edge features. Typical use cases include generating Digital Terrain Models, DTM, calculating biomass in forestry, modelling of narrow objects such as transmission lines, pipes, sharp-edge features.

  • 100m/250 m Range
  • Down to 2.2 KG
  • 5 cm Accuracy
  • GPS & IMU Integration
  • High point cloud density

Precision UAV Kits



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