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Position and coordinates of things and objects have always been concerned and playing an important and elementary role in society. Professional stable and accurate instruments and solutions are strongly needed from the geodetic survey, land survey, topographic survey, city survey, pipe and route survey, and civil engineering. Hi-Target provides the scalable products and solutions for different users’ with the most effective and reliable technology and performance.

These GNSS receivers integrated various performance but stable GNSS chipsets, anti-noise antenna, and smart tilt sensors, together with the powerful field data collection software and office post-processing software, helping surveyors to acquire what they need in an effective way as the trustable partners. Total stations and optical tools can be widely used for measuring the angles, distance, and coordinates while the smart robotic total station can hugely increase the efficiency and reduce manpower.

Case Study

Application of Image RTK in 3D modeling of ancient buildings

By integrating 3D technology and vRTK, Hi-Target empowers us with a highly accurate and real-time method to safeguard precious ancient edifices.

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Application of Image Surveying Technology in Measuring Earthwork Volumes

Image Surveying technology has penetrated every corner of our life. How can Image Surveying combined with GNSS provide a revolution for surveying and mapping?

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Fast! Steady! Accurate! vRTK is speeding up road construction with Live-view Stakeout

With the introduction of vRTK, a visual RTK with a live-view function, road reconstruction in bad weather is no longer a problem.

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Land Survey – New Pocket-Sized vRTK is the Perfect Combination of GNSS, Advanced IMU, and Dual Cameras

Visual positioning technology can break through the bottlenecks of traditional mapping scenarios. It makes geological mapping more accurate, efficient, and diverse.

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GNSS-AR Combined Technology Benefits the Surveying and Mapping Field Job

AR technology has penetrated every corner of our life. How can AR combined with GNSS provide a revolution for surveying and mapping?

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Land Survey – A New Lightweight GNSS Receiver Hi-Target V200

Hi-Target, as a leading company in the Geo-spatial industry, now introduces its latest GNSS receiver, the V200. It will bring a new RTK experience to land survey users.

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gps rtk

Get GPS RTK Fix Result

This article introduces the latest iRTK4 GPS RTK System from different aspects. It includes the motherboard, the design, the functions, and the features of the instrument, as well as the user experience.

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Total Station: The Reliable Partner Of Surveyors

Total Station: The Reliable Partner of Surveyors History of the total stationTheodolite is the instrume...

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