Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping Solution

With over a decade of experience in the LiDAR industry, we deliver fully integrated mobile mapping systems, high-precision survey-grade laser scanner units, and reliable, flexible inertial navigation solutions to assist your integration needs.

HiScan-C Fully Integrated Mobile Mapping System

The HiScan-C is a fully integrated mobile mapping system with Hi-Target advanced 3D laser and geo-referenced digital imagery which proofed to be a perfect solution when a massive amount of asset data needs to be collected in a short time.
Mobile Mapping

iNav Integrated Positioning & Navigation Module

Based on the self-developed flexible tight/loose coupling algorithm, iNav is designed to provide precise and reliable positioning and heading results for autonomous vehicles. Compacted, light-weight and rugged design ensures durability and stability, which conforms to the automotive grade requirements.

Mobile Mapping

Flexible Inertial Navigation Solutions and IMU

Relying on the specialty and expertise in system integration, Hi-Target also provides inertial navigation solutions, IMU, and consultation service to partners to enhance the system integration and high precision testing ability.
Mobile Mapping



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