Automatic Monitoring

Automatic Monitoring Solution

We specialize in automatic monitoring such as bridge monitoring, construction monitoring, geological disasters monitoring; GNSS monitoring and Totalstation monitoring are also our strong points.


Landslide / Slope Monitoring
Collapse Monitoring
Debris Flow Monitoring
Ground Settlement Monitoring
Hydro Project Monitoring ( Dam / Reservoir )
Bridge / Viaduct Monitoring
Road / Highway Monitoring
Building / Structure Health Monitoring
Tunnel / Convergence Monitoring
Automatic Monitoring

Landslide Monitoring

Hi-Target landslide monitoring solution for real-time online monitoring using GNSS or total station and multi-sensor fusion technology.

Automatic Monitoring

Ground Settlement Monitoring

Hi-Target ground settlement monitoring ensures the safety of the road or ground by monitoring both surface displacement and groundwater level in real time.
Automatic Monitoring

Bridge Monitoring

Hi-Target Bridge Monitoring System ensures bridge safety by monitoring the bridge’s displacement, pressure, temperature and other data in real time.

Automatic Monitoring

DAM Monitoring

Hi-Target dam monitoring ensures the safety of the dam by using various of geotechnical sensors combined with high-precision GNSS technology.
Automatic Monitoring


Full constellation GNSS receiver
±2.5mm+0.5×10-6D horizontal accuracy
±5mm+0.5×10-6D vertical accuracy
Built-in large capacity lithium battery
Built-in mass data storage card
Support for breakpoint resume, more reliable
Ability to collect data from other sensors

Automatic Monitoring



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