Show “Thai”! Hi-Target is on the “Land”

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To develop a deeper connection with the Hi-Target community, this March, Hi-Target officially launched the Towards A Digital And Intelligent Age Activity under the theme of ”Hi-Target in Bangkok”, exchanging views and experiencing products and technology with Asia-Pacific partners, core users, and university talents and enabling them to provide valuable feedback and suggestions for further innovation.


After the last three years of on-and-off lockdowns, the need for human interaction and shared experiences is more important than ever. As technology continues to change the world of land surveying and mapping, development is moving into an entirely new realm of near-complete automation.

22nd March, over 40 partners from 10 countries were gathering in Bangkok to explore the possibilities and feasibility of future growth in the meeting and outdoor product operation sessions.


At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Joyce Xiao, Director of Hi-Target Asia-Pacific, introduced Hi-Target’achievements in geoinformation as a technology-driven corporate and revealed its milestone in technological breakthroughs in recent years.

“To keep up with the trends and to solve the bottleneck of the industry, expanding industrial applications constantly for the industries based on Beidou’s high-precision industry applications becomes the driving force behind Hi-Target.”, said Joyce, “By offering strategies for identifying market differences. optimizing product structures, improving technician skills, and equipping the regionalized services team, we back the regional sales and marketing activities by all means.”

vRTK ▲Ms Joyce Xiao, Director of Hi-Target Asia-Pacific


We are experiencing new trends in the field


During the meeting, managers of the Product R&D Center set forth overall research ideas of upcoming innovations, from the basic product features to applications, and expounded on how these technologies and solutions empower other industries and improve end-users’ project productivities and efficiencies.

Among all those innovations, the vRTK with visual positioning technology was still taking the lead. Besides its sound features of image surveying in 2022, along with the non-inductive inertial navigation system, full constellations, and full frequencies, strong signal with accurate data, and continuous measurement without network breakpoint, vRTK made changes in early 2023.

The upgrade of the aerotriangulation algorithm brings image surveying to the next level. The visual positioning can be achieved by fewer photos and more fragile geometric models than in the 2022 version, and the newly added feature of video measurement makes data acquisition ease and improves again efficiency by up to 50%.

To help partners better understand the upgrades, the product managers conveyed the basic principles and conducted on-site training sessions comprehensively to make sure that all the participants grasped the know-how.

vRTK ▲vRTK Onsite Trainingand Data Demostration


We are conducting hands-on training workshop in campus


“Hi-Target in Bangkok” wasn’t just for partners and end-users, it was also for passing practical geospatial knowledge to future generations and inspiring them to prepare well for their future careers. Given that, Hi-Target was invited to hold a workshop on surveying instruments and geoinformatics innovation communications at a local university.

The willingness of taking social responsibility makes Hi-Target stands out in cultivating multiple talents and potentials in universities for the development of society.

During the workshop, the Hi-Target team shared insights into advanced technology and solutions of the spatial geographic information industry to broaden the horizons of the young generations, and equally important, provided opportunities for experiencing instruments in real-world scenarios were of great help for students in understanding the dynamics of the industry deeply.


vRTK▲vRTK Hands-on Training in the Campus


To train and prepare high-quality talents well with technical skills for the spatial geographic information industry, Hi-Target hopes to build up diversified cooperations with universities in research and development, personnel training, and international exchanges.

With this purpose in mind, the integration of modern production and education is becoming another key emphasis in realizing a win-win situation between Hi-Target and the universities. The activity in Bangkok reached a perfect end, but “Hi-Target in Bangkok” never ends. Hi-Target, together with its local partners, strives to stand close to local users and bring out brand-new product experiences in the time coming. Want to have direct contact with the Hi-Target team? A themed activity of “Hi-Target in Your City” will be landed near you soon. Not just in Bangkok but globally! Want to know the latest update? Stay on the line!


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.