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Hi-Target-AFLAG Signed an International Cooperation Memorandum

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Hi-Target-AFLAG Signed an International Cooperation Memorandum


On 3rd August, the 12th Biennial General E-Meeting of ASEAN Federation Of Land Surveying and Geomatics (hereinafter referred to as “AFLAG”) was held online. Representatives, association members, and governing units of the surveying and mapping industry in ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia attended the meeting. Hi-Target attended the meeting as a member of the association. At the meeting, Stefan Wei, Marketing Director of Hi-Target, represented Hi-Target and Gerry Ong, the chairman of AFLAG signed the memorandum which indicates the two parties started a strategic cooperation relationship in professionals training, technical cooperation and exchange, and DRR(Disaster Risk Reduction).  




AFLAG was established in 1995 during a meeting in Kuala Lumpur with the objectives of promoting and developing science, practicing and carrying out land surveying and geomatics to the community, transfer of technology as well as enhancing regional cooperation. It is a non-profit organization with wide coverage, high level, and strong professional capabilities in the region. Based on the common development goals, Hi-Target joined the AFLAG in 2011.




In April 2019, as a member of the Association, Hi-Target hosted the International seminar on Surveying and Mapping for DDR. The seminar aimed to strengthen the exchange of emergency surveying and mapping technology between China and the ASEAN region, and promote the emergency surveying and mapping mechanism and capacity building of ASEAN countries.  


This cooperation is a landing project after the above-mentioned seminar. Hi-Target relying on the years-accumulation in the field of high-precision satellite navigation technology, based on the comprehensive popularization of the BDS, combining development experience in China, actively provide technical support to ASEAN countries and cooperate with relevant universities to carry out technical training and industry application sharing frequently to cultivate local talents and provide a solid guarantee for technology implementation and continuous operation. In the future, the two parties will jointly prepare for the establishment of a technology exchange center to carry out in-depth cooperation in the training of professional talents, the promotion and application of product technologies, and DDR. The epidemic is still restricting physical distance. Whereas with the help of online platforms, Hi-Target will integrate domestic resources shortly to provide members of the AFLAG with online courses on surveying, remote sensing, machine learning, and disaster management. Looking forward to more projects landing in the future!




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