Here’s the Virtual Showroom

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A Refreshing Exhibition in Hi-Target Lightens More Possibilities


For the absence of physical roadshows and trade fairs, we have created new characteristic access–a virtual showroom for the customer to develop a comprehensive understanding of our various products. The virtual showroom breaks the limits of space and time by completely online exhibiting. Therefore, the decision-maker would feel free to learn the product as lively and real as possible.


virtual showroom


Take a Tour Around the Hi-Target Virtual Showroom

The virtual showroom put each instrument or solution into a practical scene for clear clarification. Except the core products, the virtual showroom will update the latest one in time. After viewing the 3D model, the customer would acquire the basic information. In case our product meets requirements, the decision-maker can directly send the inquiry to us within the page. Accordingly, one-stop service delivers more convenience and efficiency. Furthermore, there will be more useful interactive functions.


The Immersive Display Will Show More Products

Expectantly, our new V200 GNSS RTK Receiver will be launched soon. The virtual showroom will update it in  in a short while. With new-generation IMU, it brings greater flexibility and accurate results. Moreover, its portability guarantees high efficiency and performance improvement even in the most demanding environments.




Above all, we are glad to introduce more and meet more friends through this virtual showroom.


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.