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Fight for 2022! Year-end Party 2021 of Hi-Target Held

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It’s harvest time again. On January 15th, the year-end party 2021 of Hi-Target with the theme of “Fighting” was grandly held in Guangzhou. More than one thousand employees from the group headquarters, various business departments, subsidiaries gathered together to plan a new journey for the future. Synchronously, the conference has set up different offline sub-venues and online live-streaming venues.  

Year-end Party  

Draw a blueprint for future

After the sales elites entered, Liao Dinghai, chairman of the group, made a strategic plan for the group’s future in terms of business, management, culture, etc. At the same time, he also interpreted a brand-new corporate culture. Subsequently, the president of the group, Li Hongjiang made a comprehensive review of annual work and inspired all to move forward for the same goal in 2022.

Year-end Party  

Hornor for the excellent employees

The achievement of the group is inseparable from excellent employees and teams. The winners of different awards accepted the special commendation during the party and represented their determination for better performance.   Year-end Party Year-end Party

The new journey has begun. In 2022, Hi-Target will continue focusing on the need of customers and building core capabilities, in order to create a brilliant future with tenacity, perseverance, and wisdom.


Year-end Party


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