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  • [ZTS320R]How to connnect ZTS-320R and SurvCE2.62

    1.Set paramaters with total station.
    2.Device connect with total station.
    3.Do survey work and collect the point on the device.
    More detailed operation refer to relevant file.

  • 【Qstar,Qmini】How to Uninstall Programs In Controller?

    1.Click the”Start”and then click”Setting”icon.
    3.Click”Remove Programs”icon.
    4.Highlight the software and click”Remove”button.
    5.Click”Yes”to confirm. Then the un-installation begin.

  • 【HGO】How to Convert Static File into RINEX with HGO?

    1.Install Hi-Target Geomatics Office(HGO) software on your PC.
    2.Download the data from Hi-Target GNSS receiver to PC.
    3.Run HGO software, click”Tools”on he menu, and click”Rinex Convert Tool”.
    4.Click”Open”button to import Hi-target format static files(*.ZHD,*.GNS).
    5.Set the parameters(Rinex Version,marker name, antenna height and so on) Then click”Convert”button to convert.

  • 【HGO】How to do stop & go post processing with HGO?

    1.New a project and input the project info.
    2.Define the coordinate system.
    3.Click【Import Files】, import the observe file.
    4.Add station coordinate.
    5.Calculating the stop-go data.
    6.Check the calculating report.

  • 【Hi-RTK】How to add grid file in Hi-RTK?

    1.Copy the grid file to the “GEOpath” (File format “.GRD”).
    2.Open Hi-RTK and click “Setting” to get into interface.
    3.Click “model”to chose the grid file in tab “Height Fitting”.
    4.Click save.

  • 【Hi-RTK】How to creat a new coordinate system file and save it in Hi-RTK?

    1.Run the Hi-RTK and open a project.
    2.Go to the Setting interface.
    3.Set the parameters according to your own coordinate system and save it.
    4.Find it in GeoPath.

  • [ZTS320R]How to modify the port when the current port is pccupied

    1.Open the properties of serial port.
    2.Turn into port setting and enter into [advanced].
    3.Change the serial port.

  • [ZTS320R]How to replace laser plummet.

    there are several procedures to do in summary.
    1.take a picture of the current condition of the instrument in case of forgetting the position of each part.
    2.Take out the cover and then see laser plummet.
    3.Replace the laser plummet.
    4.Fix the screws with glue to fasten them.Then assemble the instruments together.detailed operation procedures please refer to relevant file.

  • [HTS220R]HTS220R Total Station Firmware Updating

    1.Setting on the total station.
    2.Using the Hyper Terminal and connect total station, if there is no this software please download from the internet.
    3.Setting parameters.
    4.Following the prompts to upgrade.

  • [PC-IO Data software]How to edit TS data

    1.Open the”PC-IO Data software” ->”.MEA file”
    2.Output the” .MEA file”
    3.Choose the out put coordinate format (Must remember the format you choose).
    4.Save as the format you want (.CSV or .TXT maybe better).
    5.Input the file (.CSV format) that has been saved above; Choose “Coordinate File”->Input.
    6.Click “Input” when you can edit the data, but just can edit the coordinates noangle!

  • [ Total Station data transfer software]How to convert file format *.coo to *.dxf

    1.Open Total Station data transfer software. 2.Choose Coo file in the red frame, then click”import”to import the Coo file you just exported. 3.Choose the”*.DXF”, and then click”output”.

  • 【Qstar8】How to create shortcut on Qstar8

    1.Copy the shortcut icon of Hi-Q:Long press the “Hi-Q”->click “Copy”.As figure 1 shows.
    2.Click the place as figure 2 shows.Choose:My Device->Windows->Start Menu.


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.