[RECORDING] DTM & Road Survey Functions in Hi-Survey Road 1.4.1 for Professional Engineering Survey

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From this webinar we would like to share the new functions of Hi-Survey Road. It is an android software that is designed for all types of land survey and road engineering projects in the field. It is compatible with Hi-Target professional controllers, android phones, tablets and other third-party android devices. It is a sleek and easy-to-use software that supports the operating of big data with build-in tools. With customized industrial application solutions, more possibilities are created for users. By learning the functions, you will make better use of the Hi-Survey Road.

In this Webinar, we will be covering:
1. DTM Surface Application in Hi-Survey 1.4.1
2. Road Function Application in Hi-Survey 1.4.1
Presenter: Niki Wong
product manager of Hi-Target International Group Limited;
specialized in RTK related solutions and marketing


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