Hi-Target international group provides a range of services for marine construction, ranging from high-performance positioning system to marine detection equipment. Sonar detection has provided technical solutions that have played a key role in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the hydrographic survey. Currently developed equipment includes iBeam multi-beam echosounder, iBoat intelligent unmanned surface vehicle, iSide side scanner sonar, iFlow acoustic Doppler flow profiler, iPos inertial navigation system, HD series single beam echo sounder.

Case Study

Application of Excavator 3D Guidance System in Waterway Dredging

In order to solve the channel dredging problem, Hi-Target provides the solution of ECS900 excavator 3D guidance system (hereinafter referred to as ECS900) with K20 high-precision separate RTK (hereinafter referred to as K20) for the customer.

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Application of iFlow RP600 ADCP in high sand flow measurement of Yellow River

The joint test conducted by Luokou hydrological station and Hi-Target shows that the joint use of Hi-Target iFlow RP600 ADCP, HD-MAX DF dual frequency sounder and K20 high precision split RTK can overcome the influence of the harsh conditions of large sand content.

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HD-MAX Assisted ADCP in Measuring the High-sand Content River with High Accuracy

the HD-MAX's stable echoes accurately detect the topography of the water bottom, providing stable bottom tracking information for ADCP discharge measurement.

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Hi-Target Introduced the Upgraded Dual Frequency Echo Sounder

Hi-Target released the latest hydrographic product on 25th May 2022, a dual-frequency single beam echo sounder.

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Hydrographic Survey USV Helps with Volume Acquisition in Lake Regions

The hydrographic survey in the lakes and canal regions is not an easy job in the past

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Over The Mountains High —iBoat BS2 Surveyed on Tianchi, a Lake 1,907 Meters above Sea Level

Over the mountains high—iBoat BS2 Surveyed on Tianchi, a Lake 1,907 Meters above Sea LevelBackgroundTianchi is a beau...

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Application of USV in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Application Of USV In Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)Disaster risk reduction (DRR) is a systematic approach to identify...

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A fast and revolutionary hydrographic solution used in channel survey

A fast and revolutionary hydrographic solution used in channel surveySUMMARY In the world there are many unreachable,...

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