[RECORDING] USV iBoat case study in Channel Survey

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Unmanned Surface Vehicle-Hi-Target iBoat BM1 with new ruggedized design and powerful sonar instruments offers an entirely new option for high-resolution shallow-water hydrographic survey. Please join an outstanding FREE WEBINAR presented by Klaus Deng our product manager, expertizing in hydrographic survey.


From this webinar we would like to share a case how iBoat BM1 acquires hydrographic survey data in Hun River where conventional techniques are not feasible and or safe enough, avoiding the inconvenience of mobilizing a vessel as well. By experiencing the workflow of iBoat BM1 in this project, you will have a better understanding of the benefits that USVs can bring to hydrographic survey and further application.



Project Overview

1. Project background

2. Project implement

3. Project result

Key features of iBoat BM1

1. Hull composition

2. Core advantages

3. Further application


Speaker: Klaus Deng has studied hydrographic survey for years, participated in many major hydrographic survey projects. Mr. Klaus Deng is a graduate from the TOP 3 college in surveying field who is a logical speaker and think systematically.


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.