[RECORDING] Powerful HGO, Minimal Workingload

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As a vital method for GNSS survey, static surveying procedures produce the highest accuracies and are typically used in geodetic control surveys. Such as the maintenance of ITRF, establishing and maintaining regional CORS network or constructional control network. HGO plays a role of data processor to make unusable raw data functional coordinates in user-defined spatial reference system.

In this webinar, we will be covering:

l What the HGO and static survey can be useful for

l A collection of terminology in GNSS static survey

l See a demonstration of how to use the HGO

l Get involved by asking questions and sharing ideas

Speaker: John Gao

Technical engineer, technical group

Hi-Target International Business Department

The webinar will be on Wednesday the 19th of April between 16:00 and 17:30. We will make a recording of the webinar available after the event, but please do try and join us live as you will be able to ask us questions throughout.


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.