[Newsletter Jul. 2021]New Product, Refreshing Exhibit

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V200—The New GNSS RTK Receiver,
360° Immersive Virtual Showroom

Guide You to Delightful Prospect

Expectantly, our new product V200 GNSS RTK Receiver will be launched soon. How to develop a clear understanding of our latest product immediately? Our new characteristic access would also brighten your way.

Our Immersive virtual showroom breaks the limits of space and time by completely online exhibiting. Therefore, you would feel free to learn about the product.

Not only can you explore the 3D view of different products, but also you can acquire basic detailed information. In case our product meets your requirement, you can directly send the inquiry to us within the page, enjoying one-stop service.

More helpful interactive functions can be found. Click it to explore more!

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   V200 GNSS RTK Receiver

  • More Portability
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Higher Accuracy and Precision
  • More Stability
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With our technological innovation and product development, we are glad to show you more and meet more friends through this online showroom.

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We are constantly expanding our market and looking forward to having new global partners to join this family. As our partner, you will gain benefits like competitive products, in-time support, and marketing advice etc. Click it for more details about the partnership.

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