HI-TARGET Warning Letter Of Unauthorized Sales Activities Across Regions

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To cater to international users and ensure the provision of professional and reliable products and services, as part of our global expansion, we have established a dealership network to ensure easy access to our products. You can find a list of our authorized dealers here: https://en.hi-target.com.cn/dealer-nearby/ or reach out to us at sales@hi-target.com.cn for more information.

However, we have recently become aware of instances where users have purchased Chinese versions of Hi-Target products from unauthorized distributors or sales channels. These products have been found to have restricted main functions and unstable performance in countries/regions outside of mainland China, resulting in economic loss for our customers.

To avoid such issues, please note that only products displayed on our official website, https://en.hi-target.com.cn, are intended for use outside mainland China. Hi-Target will not be held liable for any warranty or after-sales services for products purchased through unauthorized distributors or sales channels.

To ensure a seamless experience and to receive professional after-sales services and technical support, we strongly recommend purchasing Hi-Target products only from our authorized distributors in your local area. This will help you avoid unexpected losses and ensure that you have access to the best support available.

By offering customized high-precision GNSS solutions for different industries, Hi-Target enables surveyors and organizations to stay ahead in capturing and analyzing geospatial information. We always prioritize our customers and strive to provide timely responses.

Thank you for your attention and continued support!


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.