Buildings and Structures

Structural monitoring includes monitoring the performance of infrastructures such as buildings, bridges, dams and railways to ensure their safety, stability and structural health. Hi-Target provides a wide range of structural health monitoring systems, offering reliable real-time data to assess if the buildings and structures are performing safely. With the help of a monitoring system, you'll […]

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring plays a vital scientific role by revealing long-term trends of environmental development, as well as by furnishing early alarm information of hazards, to protect people's lives and property. Hi-Target has complete environmental monitoring systems, for example, groundwater monitoring, debris flow monitoring, landslide monitoring, etc. The Hi-Target environmental monitoring platform is designed to work […]

Mining Monitoring

Mining sites and energy infrastructures need to maintain a safe working environment, therefore, it is of great significance to identify potential risks by getting alert information from continuous monitoring systems. Hi-Target offers an integrated mining monitoring system that can detect vibrations and movements in the mining infrastructure caused by activities like blasting, drilling or excavation, […]

Survey and Marine

Hi-RTP can provide global high-precision PPP service for marine and land survey in desert、weak infrastructure area、 poor network environment and challenge envirment.

Pilotless Automobile

Hi-RTP promotes the comprehensive positioning capability of internet vehicles, and facilitates the efficient interconnection and safe operation of vehicles.

Smart Agriculture

Hi-RTP could provide basic precision service for autonomous agricultural machinery and plant protection UAS.


We concentrating on the maritime surveying solution!

Infrastructure and Utilities

A complete and visible 3D scanning solution to meet high-precision needs.


Unveil the information of the plots and trees.


Keep all of lands in GIS to manage the harvest.


Record the information behind the plots.

Cadastral Survey

Classic and most adaptive solutions.

Civil Engineering

Efficient work from field to office, to build the dream into reality.

Geodetic Survey

Precise and reliable solutions for coordinates.

Case Study


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