Apply Hi-Target GNSS Receivers in Coal-mining Sector for Surveying and Guidance

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On July 20th to 22nd, the Hi-Target Indonesia team visited 5 Mining Companies in Samarinda, Indonesia’s coal capital.

The coal mining industry urgently to improve its efficiency and performance but reduce its costs to maintain its productivity currently. And satellite navigation can improve productivity and on-site safety in mining activities significantly. For example, the high precious measurement technology decreases measurement error, therefore to speeds up the surveying process. And the GNSS will also warn the operators of onsite safety hazards thanks to the data transmission. Operators may not realize their machines are next to each other because of the terrain restrictions. Hence, investing in GNSS technologies and industrial tools is the easiest way to increase outputs in an effective way.

Coal mining

Coal mining

To highlight the benefits of using GNSS Receiver, The team introduced the applications of GNSS in varieties of industries, especially in land surveying. The team showed data collection in a vertical and tilt survey, and how to download and import data in different formats. That is, the data formats are compatible with not only Hi-Target software but also third-party ones. And, they compared the AR live-view stakeout over traditional surveying to help the companies better understand how the measurement accuracy affects their work.

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The surveyors tried the V200 GNSS receiver in fieldwork. After testing, the capabilities, portability, and flexibility of the V200 attracted the surveyors a lot.

Coal mining Communicating with the end-users helps us better explore the market needs and wants, and Hi-Target commits that every progress and innovation we make in the surveying technology can truly benefit the users by eliminating safety concerns, speeding up surveying process and improving productivity.

Coal mining  


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