Hi-Target Business Center Software

HBC, the all-in-one post-processing desktop software, supports processing multi-sourced data from all kinds of surveying equipment, including RTK, total station, UAV, GIS, 3D laser and levels. This one-stop service simplifies the workflow and improves the efficiency of field data processing. HBC enables users to finish the joint operations of multiple pieces of equipment in projects more easily, enabling users to fix various problems, like switching between lots of different processing software and data results that are not interconnected, as well as complex, cumbersome workflows.

Joint Work

HBC combines all the procedures of field survey:
Preparation: Surveyor organization (team-building management), coordinate system setting, RTK project control point/stake point input, road design and DTM surface design
Field survey: GNSS static survey/RTK survey (surveying control)
Post process: GNSS static data processing, RTK Data processing, TS data processing, post mapping


Data Integration

No need to import and export between multiple software. No need for training, warrantymaintenance, or support for different applications from different providers. HBC allows you to do one-stop processing of various data, including GNSS static data, RTK data, total station data, Road file, DTM, base map, etc.


Reliable and Fast Post-processing Engine

With reliable, faster and accurate algorithm, HBC supports batch processing of more than 100 baselines of GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo static data with predefined coordiante system and multiple manufacture antennas.


Product Parameters

Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit and 64 bit)

OS platform

.Net Framework 4.0/VS2008/VS2012/VS2015 runtime

Runtime library

Chinese / English

Supported Language


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Product Parameters


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