Talk to Surveyors! Hi-Target vRTK Hits the Road to Global Experience Day

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In May this year, Hi-Target released the first revolutionary visual RTK receiver – vRTK, and this innovative visual positioning technology has attracted widespread attention in the industry. And our International partners and users show their great interest in how this technology affects the actual fieldwork and want to try it by themselves. Given that, Hi-Target is carrying out an activity with the theme of “vRTK Global Experience Day”, with an intention of letting users’s have an in-depth understanding of the operations and applications of vRTK and listening to users’ actual feelings.

The first stop of “vRTK Global Experience Day” is officially landed in Essen, the energy capital of Germany, taking an opportunity for INTERGEO 2022, the world’s leading platform for geospatial industries, and our partners, as well as industrial users, are gathering in Essen for sparking the newest innovations and ideas of digitization.

Partners and users from Bulgaria, Serbia, Mexico, France, Spain, and Germany join us on Experience Day, with the hope of exchanging the industry dynamics of the countries and regions mutually, and further developing strategic plans.

Ms Jenny Xu, General Manager of the Hi-Target International Sales Department, gives a warm welcome to all those who joined the activity. In this session, Ms Xu introduces the applications of Hi-Target products and technologies in water conservancy and hydrology, power grid, intelligent driving, safety monitoring, smart city, railway, etc., and shares the status of product research and development this year as well as the great achievement of visual positioning technology. “We all have assembled here today, and I hope all of us can have profound conversations with each other, so as to get useful feedback directly and put this feedback into product research and improvements, hence bringing users higher working efficiency and better measurement experiences.

vRTK▲Ms Jenny Xu, General Manager of Hi-Target International Sales Department, gives a warm welcome to participants

Mr Luke Cao, Hi-Target EMEA Manager, analyzes the current market situation thoroughly and points out that although we are not able to communicate face to face, Hi-Target is still capable to provide prompt services to global users around-the-clock thanks to the 14 global service centers and over 200 sales channels.

Mr Adin Lee, H-Target Deputy Manager of the Product R&D Center, reviews the history of the development of Hi-Target’s technologies in measurement and stakeout and explains the necessity of developing a visual RTK receiver.

“Currently, visual positioning RTK solves most of the operational difficulties that most of the surveyors encounter, for instance, difficulty in finding and fixing a point, complicated environments, and the measuring point is not within reach. Therefore, surveyors now can get their projects done in less time, with less cost and with higher accuracy and precision. Given these points, we believe that in the era of intelligent surveying and mapping, it is possible to realize one-stop setting-out surveying sooner or later.”

Non-contact Measurement – Fast, Steady, Accurate

During the onsite training session, Hi-Target team demonstrated the exclusive image surveying feature of vRTK to the partners and users specifically. And the partners and users kept on talking about the outstanding performance of vRTK after trying it by themselves.

By integrating RTK and imaging technology, the AR live-view stakeout of the handheld controller can switch to the imaging stakeout of the receiver seamlessly and automatically, and the stakeout point will be marked in the image precisely without finding points in the field carefully.

Voice of Users in Experiencing vRTK

Partners from Bulgaria:

“It can measure the angle of the house, and the accuracy is much higher than that of the total station. This visual RTK just literally opened the door to a new world of measurement for me!”

Partners from Mexico:

“Image surveying saves my time and energy! Even though there are some missed points I forgot to set out, I just need to find the points in the saved images, and then I can measure that points again without going back to the fieldwork spot.

vRTK ▲Onsite Training

vRTK ▲Discuss Feasible Application Scenario

vRTK ▲Bulgarian Partner Shares the Actual Application of vRTK

vRTK – Go Global, Go Visual

In addition to the Experience Day in Germany, vRTK has also been showcased in Malaysia, Vietnam, Croatia and other countries, and our partners are committed to introducing vRTK to industry users.

vRTK ▲vRTK in Malaysia vRTK ▲vRTK in Croatia vRTK ▲vRTK in Vietnam vRTK ▲vRTK Global Experience Day” in Germany

Hi-Target “vRTK Global Experience Day” is continuing its pace around the world. By exploring geospatial industry insights and listening to the voices of users, Hi-Target is dedicated to providing one-step, effective and unique measurement experiences to users.

Where is our next stop? Stay Tuned!


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