FARMSTAR-F2G GNSS Auto-Steering System
The FARMSTAR-F2G Guidance System represents an advanced solution engineered to deliver precise navigational assistance under challenging agricultural conditions. It’s built for effortless compatibility with tractors, guaranteeing top-notch functionality even in challenging weather or when visibility is poor. The system includes intuitive on-screen instructions, offering clear driving directions and improving the efficiency of workload management. This allows farmers and agricultural experts to uphold superior productivity levels and make smart, data-driven decisions.
Main pic - FARMSTAR-F2G Guidance System

Improved Efficiency

Applying FARMSTAR-F2G leads to a 5%-7% improvement in land use, up to 30% increase in working efficiency, and overall farming productivity.

Improved Efficiency - FARMSTAR-F2G Guidance System

Upgradable System

Experience flexibility with the FARMSTAR-F2G, which can be easily upgraded to an auto steering system. No need to replace the display and antenna, saving you significant costs during the upgrade process.


Quick Installation

Set up the system in just 15 minutes with a single person. Seamlessly integrate it into your farming machinery without major modifications or complex setups.


Support for Multiple GEO Files

Import data from various sources or precision agriculture tools into the F2G for precise input application and optimized planting patterns.


Real-time Techinical Support

Technicians can remotely connect to the FARMSTAR-F2G, accessing real-time settings, configurations, and diagnostics. This ensures quicker issue resolution and reduced downtime across multiple lands.

Real time Technical Support - FARMSTAR-F2G Guidance System

Product Parameters



16G ROM, Support TF card (Maximum 64G)

Data Storage

Android 9.0


4G/LTE, 2.4GHz WiFi



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Product Information


Product Parameters


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