GNSS Auto-Steering System

GNSS Auto-Steering System

Developed by Hi-Target, the FARMSTAR-F2 GNSS Auto-Steering System is an autonomous system equipped with a Motor Drive Unit (MDU) and a high-precision GNSS antenna, providing automatic steering and positioning for farming vehicles.With its straight driving accuracy of up to ±2cm, this system can be widely used in ditching, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, etc. Hi-Target AG system improves 5%-7% of farmland use and will let you get the job done quickly and easily, pressure-free in farming, and bountiful in crop yielding.

High Precision, Accurate Steering

FARMSTAR-F2 GNSS Auto-Steering System guide tractors and farm vehicles in straight
line and curve with ±2 cm accuracy.The system’s automatic driving function allows for
pre-defined paths for various agricultural tasks and easy expansion into precise pesticide
control,seeding, and fertilization with simple hardware additions.

automatic steering System

Highly Integrated, Fast Installation

FARMSTAR-F2’s minimalist design reduces the number of components required, making disassemble and reassemble fast and easy. This not only simplifies maintenance and repair but also ensures that the system remains reliable and efficient over time.

GNSS Auto-Steering System

Smart Software, ISOBUS Connectivity

The software uses a smart algorithm and dynamic compensation to improve accuracy. It performs well on difficult terrains and is easy to connect with other equipment through the ISOBUS Universal Terminal, making operations more efficient.F2 allows for accurate documentation and record-keeping of multiple lands, farmers can easily track and analyze the tractor’s path, application rates, and field coverage on the following day.

GNSS Auto-Steering System

Strong Signal, Enhanced Productivity

Network RTK technology improves base station data transmission by increasing stability and anti-interference capabilities. The breakpoint endurance technology ensures high precision for up to 10 minutes when differential data is temporarily unavailable.

GNSS Auto-Steering System


Product Parameters

10 N.m
Rated Torque
100 rpm
Rated Speed
16G ROM, Support TF card (Maximum 64G)
Data Storage
Gyroscope Accuracy
1.2mg RMS
Acceleration Accuracy


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Product Parameters


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