[RECORDING] Is this a better choice for me?

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Hi-Light Hi-Target Webinar – January 19, 2021


— Walking in your customer’s shoes

When we are walking around in the supermarket or buying something from the E-commerce platform, we are unable to stop comparing and asking ourselves, is this a better choice for me?

When you recall your purchasing behaviour, which factors will affect the final decision and which is the dominant one?

OK, no need to answer that now. Let’s shift ourselves from customers to resellers or manufacturers.

Trying to seek for solutions to walking in your customer’s shoes and come to a win-win situation to grow our business.


In this 40-min webinar, you will have a better understanding of these issues:

1. What has driven the changes in business?

2. How can we benefit from the changes?

3. How to connect to more potentials?



Coyee Wu

Branding Manager of Hi-Target International


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.