visual stakeout RTK

V500 GNSS RTK System

Equipped with an upgraded high-definition starlight camera, V500 brings out an excellent visual stakeout experience in low-light conditions. The compact and lightweight design,24 Hours Ultra-Long battery life make V500 a feasible and portable choice for surveyors and engineers in collecting data and improving position accuracy.

Better visual Stakeout Experience

– Visual positioning technology to find points with ease. The combination of virtual and reality by overlaying the design files with the real scene improves stakeout efficiency.
– Professional-grade starlight night vision HD camera with wide angle. Excellent performance and algorithm in tracking signals, achieving an accuracy of up to 1cm.
– Seamless switch of 360-degree AR stakeout between the handheld controller and the rover brings out immersive stakeout experiences making stakeout fast and accurate.
AR stakeout RTK

Built-in High-Precision Tilt Survey

– Based on the new generation of IMU, initialization occurs automatically at the startup without obtaining a fixed solution.
– Measure as reaching the point, efficient and convenient.
– Stable performance for reliable results.

hi-target-visual stakeout RTK

Full Constellation and Full Frequency

– Advanced GNSS SoC chip features 1408 channels, supporting new frequency points B1C, B2a, and B2b RTK decoding for Beidou-3 Satellites.
– Multi-frequency interference detection technology and multi-stage adaptive filtering technology with a strong signal, good data, fast fixed procedure, and high accuracy.

hitarget gnss RTK


Product Parameters

Tilt Survey Accuracy
Signal tracking
Image Stakeout Accuracy
Built-in 16GB ROM
Data Storage


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Product Parameters


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