[RECORDING] Digging Out More From Hi-Survey

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Hi-survey has been always one of the most efficient tools, functioning actively to guarantee your projects in multiple fields with powerful functions for surveyors.


From this webinar we would like to give you an overview of the Android APP Hi-Survey which had been developed by Hi-Target for GNSS solutions. By experiencing the convenience and power of Hi-Survey software in the webinar, we would like to help improve your work, to make it easier and safer, to extend your working ability in the field.



1. Hi-Survey Overview

1.1 function layout

1.2 UI customizing

In this overview we will go through the function layout so you will have the knowledge about getting started of the APP.


2. Key Features of Hi-Survey

2.1 Graphical features of the APP

2.2 road construction function of the APP

2.3 Ability with V90 Plus

In this section we will show you the key functions of the APP which may be very useful for your pragmatic surveying in the field.


3. Other handy functions of Hi-Survey

3.1 Serial debug for receivers

3.2 Data sharing

3.3 Data backup


Speaker: Adin Li

Product Manager, Marketing Group

Hi-Target International Business Department

Speaker: Adin Li

Senior Technical Engineer, Marketing Group

Hi-Target International Business Department


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.