Explore Geography & Humanity | GEOSPATIAL WORLD FORUM 2022

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Geospatial World Forum (GWF) 2022, one of the premier geospatial conferences will be held from 10th to 22nd, May, under the theme of Geography & Humanity, in Amsterdam. Moreover, the Pre-Conference will be held on 9th, May beforehand.

The GWF has been the big event in the geospatial industry for over a decade, bringing together professionals and leaders. It always provides a unique, unmissable experience for geospatial professionals worldwide.

Geography and Humanity

Geospatial World Forum 2022 aims to showcase Geography and Humanity, tracing the historical relevance of the geospatial profession, depicting its current value, and setting the tone for future direction. Discussions will revolve around the interaction between geography and humanity concerning the sustainability of not only the ecosystems but the interdependent society and economy as well.

New Product Release

During this event on May day, Hi-Target’s latest total station will be released emphatically. With better configuration, it will provide a brand new measurement experience with high precision and stability. The first-class performance will guarantee your project success. Additionally, more new products of Hi-Target are ready to improve your efficiency this year.

About Hi-Target

Established since 1999, Hi-Target is the first professional high-precision surveying and mapping instrument brand to be successfully listed in China. HI-Target produces a wide range of surveying equipment including GNSS receivers, CORS stations, TPS, 3D Laser Scanners, GIS Data Collectors, UAV/UAS, and Hydrographic products to provide complete commercial solutions for various industries.

As the leading brand in the geospatial industry, Hi-Target invests heavily in research and development, on top of collaborating with more than 100 universities globally to bring the latest positioning technology and innovation for product development. HI-Target will continue to develop products and technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands of the Geospatial arena and you can count on us to be the best in our field with professional solutions and superior services.



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