Hi-Target developed a training and mentorship program for 212 new college graduates

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Hi-Target have recruited 212 new college graduates in 2017, who are graduates from Wuhan University, PLA Information Engineering University and China University of Mining and Technology and other top- tier colleges in China.

The training and mentorship program was launched in July 1 st lasting for 6 months. Varied courses are designed for new graduates from sales department, R&D department, technical department and operation department. Senior executives and senior employees hosted welcome speech and job experiences conference for new graduates who are prepared to launch their careers.

Hi-Target new college graduates 2017

Senior employees experience sharing

“It is a tradition for Hi-Target to recruit a large number of new graduates into training program. They are very passionate and energetic young people but lacked of skills and experience who need more training to land their desired jobs in Hi-Target. We have a large range of products like GNSS Receiver, GIS , Mobile Mapping, UAV and USV. These new talents are investment of innovation for Hi-Target. ” said Liu, vice president of recruiting.

Hi-Target new college graduates 2017

Barbecue night

Apart from professional curriculum in Hi-Target surveying products, debate contest, outdoor activities and basketball contest attracted trainees to engage to build their own membership.

“The program is a fast way for candidates to master a laundry of skills and knowledge of products while we learn more about the core and value of Hi-Target and get closer with our future colleges,” said Wang, who is one of the trainees in 2017 Hi-Target new graduate training program.

Hi-Target new college graduates 2017

Climbing wall of graduating


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