A visit to FGI, explore a future cooperation

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After receiving the invitation from Finnish Geospatial Research Institute Finnish Geospatial Research Institute 107 for academic exchanges and international cooperation, Hi-Target team departed from hotel on morning June 1st ,2017 for a visit.

2017060702271557 - A visit to FGI, explore a future cooperation

(A Peony painting china plate given as a present by David Hu, Hi-Target Vice present )

The president of Finnish Geospatial Research Institute Jarkko koskinen as our guide when he led our way, “We have 5 research centers, equipped with a team of 120 researchers. For many years, we dedicated to geographic industry and have made great progress and advancement in Geodesy, Geodynamics, Geographical information, cartographic, GPS, Remote sensing and Photogrammetry. Great respect to Chinese researchers in our team for their hard work and contribution,” said the president.

20170607022132891 - A visit to FGI, explore a future cooperation

(Portrait of one of the previous presidents of FGI)

As one of the most prestigious GIS and geospatial theory research organizations, FGI was Finish Geodesy institute when it set up in 1918, merged as Finland National Survey Bureau in 2015. Hi-Target expected a chance to work with the top- notch institute to advance its technology and products in the industry, aiming at being an international leading company. Today’s visit and communication is a good beginning.

20170607022248006 - A visit to FGI, explore a future cooperation


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.