Investors Visited Hi-target

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Recently, Investors Open Day organized by Shenzhen Stock Exchange was successfully held in Hi-target. Visitors from five brokers such as Guosen Securities and Dongguan Securities took part in this activities. President Liao Dinghai and the Vice President and Board Secretary He attended the meeting and answered the investors’ questions.

20160711045725212 - Investors Visited Hi-target

Investors visited Hi-target’s headquarters Office, Research and Development Center and Manufacturing Center.

20160711045749651 - Investors Visited Hi-target

Vice President He introduced Hi-target’s business to the investors.

20160711045815104 - Investors Visited Hi-target

President Liao made a speech in the meeting.

In the meeting, President Liao had great expectations for Hi-target’s future .”Hi-target has a strong research and development abilities and our company will continuously launch new products. I believe that Hi-target will grab the abundant market opportunities and enhance the product performance. ” he said.

After the visit, Vice President He introduced company’s business, products’ application and the company’s future development to the investors. President Liao also had a face to face talk with investors and patiently answered investors’ questions about the business model and main competitive advantages of Hi-target.

Investors also visited Hi-target’s Headquarters Office, Research and Development Center and Manufacturing Center. Miss Deng, Deputy Director of Manufacturing Center, introduced company’s products’ line and the process of assembling, which enabled the investors have a more profound understanding of the Hi-targets’ situations.


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