Hi-target Launched New Product——IRTK

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A few days ago, Hi-target launched a revolutionary product—iRTK. Combined with the advantage of the latest 3G Communication Networks, this innovation product adopted Linux intelligent operating system. In addition to the traditional functions and services of RTK, iRTK can provide intelligent phonological operational tips, smart broadcast, intelligent self diagnose, remote smart network upgrade registration services and other personalized features and services. The advent of iRTK thoroughly subverts the traditional operational and service mode of RTK.

The Research and Development teams of Hi-target had paid three years efforts before iRTK was launched. The powerful functions and extensibilities of Linux System makes iRTK have the function of unlimited expansion, which redefines the function of RTK. iRTK has multiple functions such as large flash memory space, wizard-base phonological tips, RINEX direct storage system, quick and easy system upgrade and startup and smart Self Test Diagnose.

Moreover, adopting the most mature 3G technology, iRTK can function properly without the limitation of distance. With notebooks, computers or cell phones, iRTK can be remotely controlled and surveyed,which realizes real-time static remote operations and dynamic outdoors and indoors integration operations.

iRTK also redefines the service. The traditional service is limited to after-sales service. But iRTK not only upgrades from the traditional after-sales service to remote intelligent expert services, and provides new value-added services such as Remote Diagnose, Remote Downloading, Automatic Distance Upgrading, Intelligent Burglar Alarm System and Automatic Distance Registration.

iRTK is not only a product but also a technology, iRTK will take the lead in opening wisdom era of RTK all over the world.


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