Hi-Target’s Official Website Update

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1. Hi-Target's official website update:

1). Add batch download function.

2). Add retrieval password and password modification functions.

3). Website interface adjustment and optimization.

4). Fix some bugs.

2. Instructions:

1).Retrieve password

2018082805151805 - Hi-Target's Official Website Update

Click on the Forgot your password will immediately receive an email, the new password is in the email.

20180828051536529 - Hi-Target's Official Website Update

Login, click My profile to enter the interface, and click Change password to Change your password.Click Update profile to Update your profile.

2).Batch download

2018082805173365 - Hi-Target's Official Website Update

Click on the product category that you want to download, and then click on the product.

20180828051744244 - Hi-Target's Official Website Update

Enter the product file list. Select the file category where the product file be selected. Click on Add to download to add to My download list.

(note:The Download all in the upper right that represents to download the product all files.)

20180828051919962 - Hi-Target's Official Website Update

Click My download list to enter the bulk download list, and then click Download all to batch download all the selected file.