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MS401 GNSS Receiver

MS401 is a miniaturized all-in-one GNSS receiver with low power consumption, high performance, and high stability. It consists of a built-in full-band composite antenna, high-performance positioning board, and MEMS sensor which can be easily installed. It also features a compact and integrated design for reliable protection.

Application of Edge Computing

Hi-Target’s first receiver with edge computing. There’s no need for additional applications or additional servers, saving more resources for hardware and software.

MS401 01 - MS401 Monitoring GNSS Receiver

Concise Configuration

Connection only requires a power cable. It supports Bluetooth application and configuration via software of remote control.

MS401 02 - MS401 Monitoring GNSS Receiver

High Security

A built-in firewall and high-security port ensure reliable system management function.

MS401 03 - MS401 Monitoring GNSS Receiver

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