Qmini A10(CM) with Survey Software

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Qmini A10(CM) Works with Third-Party Field Survey Software



Qmini A10(CM) GIS Handheld Survey Software is a new type of rugged centimeter-level precision intelligent terminal product developed by Hi-Target. It is small but with complete functions and a high level of protection. It provides a combination of Beidou high-precision positioning, 4G smartphone, with background multi-network interconnection and other functions.

This device can be widely used in different industries, such as land and water resources inspection, land survey and electricity power inspection, etc. It can also provide data collection and processing.  Especially it’s vital in the key areas of the national economy, such as planning, construction, forestry, agriculture, etc.

This article will introduce how to use GNSS Tools to enable third-party software to obtain the high-precision coordinates of Qmini A10(CM).


Qmini A10(CM)-1

More details of Qmini A10:



GNSS Tools | Survey Software

Most of the functions on the third-party professional software are based on high precision positioning. Due to lacking Ntrip connection function or the Ntrip connection’s compatibility problems with Qmini A10(CM), it can only  provide a low-precision position of autonomous or SBAS solution.

Developed by Hi-Target, GNSS Tools is a simple receiver configuration tool. It can set all kinds of working modes and NMEA output for Hi-Target GIS devices, like Qmini, Qpad, Qbox and smart helmet Qbox S30. Therefore, it’s convenient for the third-party software to work with Hi-Target GIS devices.

GNSS Tools can work on all devices of Android 4.0 and higher from different manufacturers. It supports Bluetooth to connect the external receiver, or directly connect the internal GPS of Qmini A10(CM).

Connecting to Ntrip on GNSS Tools is very easy to achieve. After entering the Rover page of GNSS Tools, you can input your Ntrip parameters to get corrections for the centimeter-level position and just make GNSS Tools run in the background. Then open the third-party software and it can get the high precision coordinates of Qmini A10(CM).


GNSS Tools-1

Next part, we will take some famous field survey software as examples.


Esri ArcGIS Collector | Survey Software

ArcGIS Collector is a data collection Android app which is developed by Esri,

The latest version is V20.2.2 and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It runs well on Qmini A10(CM), but ArcGIS Collector has no function for Ntrip connection so that it can’t make itself get high-precision corrected position data. Only autonomous or SBAS solution is reachable.

With the help of GNSS Tools, RTK Fixed solution can be reached for ArcGIS Collector, and other important information like coordinates, RMS, accuracy, are also showing correctly.


MicroSurvey FieldGenius

FieldGenius is a mature, professional and full-featured field survey software, which is developed by MicroSurvey from Canada.

FieldGenius has already owned complete functional adaptation to Hi-Target RTK GNSS receivers, like V60 and V90 Plus, but Qmini A10(CM) is not on the list yet.

Here, the FieldGenius V1.8.25720 downloaded from MicroSurvey website is installed on Qmini A10(CM) and runs well, but making Ntrip connection on FieldGenius was not working. So we made it on GNSS Tools and let it run in the background. Then RTK Fixed solution can be reached for FieldGenius, and other important information like coordinates, RMS, accuracy, was also showing correctly.



X-PAD Ultimate Survey

X-PAD Ultimate Survey is a tailored, flexible, modular, ideal, customised software for high-end topographic tasks, such as measuring, stake-out, cadastral, BIM check and control, roading, mapping, bathymetry and GIS.

Here, the latest version X-PAD V20.2.2 downloaded from Google Play Store is installed on Qmini A10(CM) and also runs well. Because Qmini A10(CM) is not in the adaption list of X-PAD yet, making Ntrip connection is not working.

Same way, by GNSS Tools, getting good correct results likewise.



Trimble TerraFlex

Trimble TerraFlex is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for field data collection.

Here, the latest version TerraFlex V5.4.0.536, downloaded from Google Play Store is installed on Qmini A10(CM) and also runs well.

Same way, by GNSS Tools, getting good correct results likewise.

Trimble TerraFlex
Trimble TerraFlex


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