iBoat BS2 USV

iBoat BS2 USV is a swift and intelligent surveying unmanned surface vehicle with unmatched usability and professional hull design. It is equipped with a high-performance single beam echo sounder, high-precision GNSS positioning and on-board data control and acquisition software. The excellent sounding module offers a measurement range from 0.15m to 300m, able to adapt to different working environments.

Compact Design

The compact design of all communication systems simplifies the survey steps and save users’ time. iBoat BS2’s 14 kg weight ensures that it can be carried out by a person anywhere.


Professional Survey Echo Sounder

The built-in echo sounder provides excellent bathymetric performance, with easy-to-use data collection and post-processing software onshore.


Absolutely Accurate Auto-pilot

With Hi-Target high precision GNSS receiver and Hi-Target smart controlling system, iBoat BS2 can reach any targeted position with a 10 cm offset and provides accurate working paths.


Product Parameters

2 km

Communication distance

4.5 m/s

Max speed

4 h @ 2 m/s

Battery endurance

0.15 m to 300 m

Sounding range

14 kg

Weight(without instrument and bttery)

10 cm

Positioning accuracy


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Product Information


Product Parameters


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