mms - HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System

HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System

The HiScan-C is a fully integrated mobile mapping system with Hi-Target advanced 3D laser and geo-referenced digital imagery which proofed to be a perfect solution when a massive amount of asset data needs to be collected in a short time. By combining leading-edge technology with a deep understanding of surveyors' workflows, data integration and maintenance across the lifecycle of projects, the HiScan-C enables surveyors to improve workflows for field data collection and productivity.

Key features

Fully integrated, compact design, simple mount

High-density, high accuracy point cloud with 360° geo-referenced images

Users calibration-free, vehicle independent

his - HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System


Internet Street View Map Application

Zonal Section Surveying and Mapping 3D Model Application

Digital Urban Management Application

Digital Traffic Application

Digital Waterway or Coastal Zone

his1 - HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System


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