FIG Working Week 2022

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The FIG Congress 2022 will hold on 11-15 September 2022 in Warsaw, Poland at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre Warsaw.

“Volunteering for the future – Geospatial excellence for a better living”

FIG not only covers the whole range of professional fields within the global surveying community, but also provides an international forum to promote professional practice and standards.

Hi-Target Will Present Reports on the Technical Programme of FIG Working Week

This year, in the Technical Programme of FIG Working Week, Hi-Target will continue its journey to present three reports, including“Introduction of Next Generation Visual Positioning Technology Brought by Hi-Target”, “Novel Solution of GNSS and Insar System for Fully Automated Mine Monitoring” and “USV Hydrographic Solution Showed its Advantages in Project of Ponds Sludge Removing”. At the same time, to share insights on industry development in the forum.

Introduction of Next Generation Visual Positioning Technology Brought by Hi-Target

Visual positioning allows your device to localize virtually anything on a map. For that, it is a significant exploration for combining GNSS, IMU, and cameras for surveying and mapping. Not only visual positioning technology breaks through the traditional mapping obstacle,  but also geological mapping becomes more accurate, efficient, and diverse.

We are proud to announce that the vRTK is the first GNSS receiver with dual cameras, hence, we would focus more on the practicability of this innovation. So, let’s see what surprises it will bring to us in the land survey! 


Novel Solution of GNSS and Insar System for Fully Automated Mine Monitoring

Mining sites and energy infrastructures need to maintain a safe working environment. And in practical situations, we need to get alert information from continuous monitoring systems to identify potential risks.

For that, Hi-Target offers an integrated mining monitoring system that can detect vibrations and movements. For example, blasting, drilling or excavation in the mining infrastructure. Therefore, we need to put efforts into ensuring the security and productivity of the mine.

Advanced sensors, like percolation gauges, vibrometers and other geotechnical instruments, are the core of Hi-Target mining monitoring systems.


“USV Hydrographic Solution Showed its Advantages in Project of Ponds Sludge Removing”

Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) are popular in marine, scientific, commercial and environmental industries across the globe. Ideally, we would discuss a case of the Ponds Sludge Removing and indicate other applications of the USV.

The swift and intelligent iBoat BS3 USV is the ideal surveying unmanned surface vehicle for hydrographic survey. Besides the high-performance single beam echo sounder, and high-precision GNSS positioning,  the onboard data control and acquisition software is also the main feature of the iBoat.

Visit the FIG website for more information about the technical sessions and events.

FIG Working Week | About Hi-Targe

Established in 1999, Hi-Target is the first professional high-precision surveying and mapping instrument brand to be successfully listed in China.

Hi-Target provides a wide range of surveying equipment for various industries with complete commercial solutions. And GNSS receivers, CORS stations, Total Station, 3D Laser Scanners, GIS Data Collectors, UAV/UAS, and Hydrographic products are our cores.

As the leading brand in the geospatial industry, Hi-Target invests heavily in research and development. On top of collaborating with more than 100 universities globally to bring the latest positioning technology and innovation for product development.

For over 20 years, Hi-Target has had approximately 2,500 employees worldwide, with an established network of 20 subsidiaries, 26 branches and more than 200 partners in over 60 countries to service and support our customers.


Thank you for your interest in Hi-Target. We will contact you soon.