2023 Hi-Target Partners Meeting in Bangkok

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Partner Meeting


We’re excited to announce our upcoming Partner Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on March 22, 2023, with the theme ‘Stick to Growth’.


An agenda of the meeting is attached so you will know what to expect.

The meeting will cover the following key topics:

1. The Partner Support Policies 2023

2. New Products

3. Integrated Solutions Applied in Electricity and Hydrography

4. Excellent Cases Shared by Partners 5. Experience and Operate New Products


And more exciting, we will set the lucky draws for the attendees, who will prioritize getting a trial of the new product or getting discounts on new products.


As technology continues to change the world of land surveying, developments are moving into an entirely new realm of near-complete automation. We hope to meet you in person to explore the feasibility and possibilities of future growth!


See you in beautiful Bangkok!


If you’re not our partner yet or unable to attend our meeting this time, don’t worry, Bangkok is just the first stop of Hi-Partner Meeting 2023.


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