GIS Handheld

Qmini A5/A7 GIS Handheld

The Qmini A5 / A7 GIS handheld integrates a helical antenna
and a high-precision GNSS RTK algorithm to provide users
with a consumer-grade smartphone experience for GIS application.

Overview of QminiA5/A7

QminiA5/A7 handheld is aimed at professionals in the GIS industry who want full-functionality and compactness in the style of an easy-to-hold and operate android-phone.

GIS Handheld

Stable and reliable

Professional RTK engine High performance spiral antenna.

An open platform for 3rd party software.

5500mAh battery providing up to 12 hours continuous operation.

GIS Handheld


Resource Management: Land management , water resources survey, forest inventory

Utilities: electricity inspection, gas pipe network inspection

Smart City: transportation management and smart navigation

GIS Handheld

Product Parameters



Qmini A5:RTD Solution ≤ 0.5 m

Accuracy performance

Qmini A7:RTK Solution ≤ 0.2 m

Accuracy performance

Android 6.0

OS platform


The capacity of battery

10-12 hours

Operation time


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Product Information


Product Parameters


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