GNSS Receiver

Qbox 8 GNSS Receiver

The Qbox 8 GNSS Receiver is a high-precision receiver with compact and exquisite design. It can connect with any device through Bluetooth.

High-precision GNSS receiver in mobile work

Qbox 8 is a high-precision GNSS receiver with compact and exquisite design. Based on Bluetooth connection, Qbox 8 can connect to any mobile devices. Integrated with professional RTK engine, it performs 2 cm accuracy, aiming at powering up your GIS application with precise and reliable positioning.

GNSS Receiver

Performance of Qbox 8 GNSS Receiver

Professional RTK engine with 2 cm accuracyIndustry rugged design, compact and exquisiteDual-mode Bluetooth, compatible with any mobile devicesOne key operation, make your field work easier

GNSS Receiver

Application Of Gnss Receiver

Tablet Flexible wear mode

Mobile Phone

Professional surveying pole

Sensor equipment

Integrated as a sensor


Navigation application


GNSS Receiver

Product Parameters


GNSS antenna

RTK precision: 2cm+1pmm

Static precision: 3mm+1ppm

Accuracy performance

8GB, up to 32GB ext.



The capacity of battery

>10 hours

Operation time


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Product Information


Product Parameters


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