Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning Solution

We locate the assets and persons indoors or where GNSS signal can not reach using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology and enhanced algorithm, extend the high-precision positioning at the largest scale under various of difficult environments.

Industrial Application

Awareness of your location everywhere

The indoor positioning solution could be applied in most of the industries that requires real-time location system (RTLS):

  • Construction
  • Electric Power Industry
  • Factory
  • Logistics
  • Sport
  • Chemical Factory
  • Health Care
  • New Retail

Indoor Positioning


The Indoor positioning system is composed by the Anchor, Tag, Engine and Platform. The Java SDK is also available for programmers to construct their unique application.

Indoor Positioning

Positioning Tag

The positioning tag is carried by the positioning target, such as the person, the vehicle or the material, will continuously broadcast UWB impulses all around so the anchors will receive the signal. Different shapes are available to choose and customization is also an option.
Indoor Positioning

Base Anchor

The Base Anchor is the unit that receives the impulse from positioning tag and transmit data to server via network. The Engine that on the server then will calculate the location of the tag based on the data. Different models are available to choose depend on different environment and requirement.

Indoor Positioning



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