ifly - iFly V5

The iFly V5 compound wing UAV system

The iFly V5 compound wing UAV system mainly provides professional, intelligent and high precision aerial survey solutions, equipped with a high-precision differential module, supports PPK/RTK fusion calculation, standard with high-resolution vertical photography load, combined with iFly intelligent aerial survey assistant, to achieve 1:500 aerial survey with sparse or no ground control point;

Intelligent flight

iFly V5 can be equipped with an intelligent status monitoring module to achieve health status management and fault intelligent analysis and diagnosis.

ifly1 - iFly V5

Multiple operation modes

According to the need of using scenes, engineers can quickly configure a diversified data acquisition solution by extending load modules such as tilted photographic load module, visible light video module, thermal infrared video module, and multispectral remote sensing module.

ifly2 - iFly V5

Fast work

iFly V5 adopts a modular design, which can be installed in one minute, and the operation is simple and convenient.

ifly3 - iFly V5


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