With improvement of GNSS technology every day, usage of their instrument is increasing too. Several years ago most engineers in Iran used RTK with Radio having so many cable, radio difficulties, big battery problem, and difficulty of setting up a base and so on.  Nowadays by installing so many CORS network in our country like NCC CORS (HODA), Cadaster CORS (SHAMIM), municipality of Tehran (SAMT), these difficulties decreased a lot.


With CORS customers just need to buy one rover instead of 1pair with radio, so usage of GNSS increased because of decreasing costs. Any engineer will buy just 1rover then connect to CORS network and can do at least 70% of surveying jobs here. For other 30% there are some reasons, first, accuracy of GNSS is not like total station so the jobs that need accuracy less than 2-3mm can’t be done. Also GNSS should have satellites, so in closed area or big mass of trees and building again cannot count on GNSS.  Second in country like Iran there are at least 15-20% places that internet is not available or is weak, so again those engineer have to use RTK with Radio or Total stations.


Third, there is another small issue! Some CORS network here are using Spider of Leica, because the capability of Spider can save coordinate that users are storing on servers. But some customer prefer jobs in privacy to have a new solutions than using these CORS network.  For example Hi-Target customer can use RTK connecting to Internet and don’t need to use such this CORS network (also if it act as single base station, do not have ability like VRS).



In some places we still have no internet so we just have one choice- using base and rover with UHF radio. Many brands have their own internal radio that were not compatible with other brands, but nowadays many of them are using same radio or protocol so it smooth this problem. For example, in this picture no matter is Hi-Target, Leica or Sokkia is compatible to internal radio. 



Software is becoming very important nowadays as it is becoming more user friendly, complete and can be changed easily by factories to improve. Hi-Target pay great attention to software improvement. They intensely receive customers’ suggestions and adopt the reasonable ones. For example they use Google map online in back ground, good display, easily set base , rover, and using network connections and on.


In Iran, Chinese product is not very trusted here because of low quality, bad support and after sales issues. However there are something have changed. The quality of Chinese products are as good as that of European brands, as well as their after sales and guaranty. GNSS products provided by Hi-Target are absolutely reliable in various projects with excellent after-sales services. Hi-Target always use latest motherboard and technology for supporting their customer. For example, they are using OEM729 new motherboard of Novatel for their V90plus. Meanwhile, Hi-Target has professional local distribution partners offer best after sales support, like AradDoorbin company, as the exclusive agent of Hi-Target in Iran offers a complete range of support.


In big cities like Tehran in Iran, many GNSS cannot see so many satellites, but by improving motherboard and algorithm and increasing satellites of Beidou, Glonass and so on,  this issue is becoming much more smoother.

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