Qpad X8 Rugged Tablet

The Qpad X8 integrates the high-precision GNSS algorithm to provide users with a consumer-grade smart tablet experience for GIS data collection in various industries.

Professional tablet in fieldwork                          

Professional RTK engine with a detachable spiral antenna

Snaps areas and boundaries with DM-level accuracy

Achieves reliable CM-level accuracy requirements                                

Performance of Qpad X8

Android 8.1, 2.0GHz and 8 core high-speed processor

8 inches touchable highlight screen, 1200×1920 resolution

10000mAh battery for 10-hours' continuous operation

Convenient privacy protection by rear fingerprint recognition technology.                          


With the continuous development of modern social technology, precise and intelligent management has become the common needs of users. They expect to carry the device to the field or put it on the agricultural machine for machine control directly. For cadastral objectives, users will find it more convenient on data collection, attribute import, layer management and information retrieval.                              

Product Parameters


GNSS antenna

Network RTK precision: 5cm+1ppm        

Single point precision: 2-4m

CM module performance

Network RTK precision: ≤0.2m        

Single point precision: 3m

DM module performance

Android 8.1

OS platform

RAM 6GB, ROM 64GB, T-Flash card up to 128GB



The capacity of battery

Up to 10 hours

Operation time

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Product Information


Product Parameters

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