Hi-Survey Road

Hi-Survey Road is an Android software that is designed for all types of land survey and road engineering projects in the field. It is compatible with Hi-Target professional controllers, Android phones, tablets, and other third-party Android devices. It is a sleek and easy-to-use software that supports the operating of big data with built-in tools. With customized industrial application solutions, more possibilities are created for users.

Initialize your efficient work

An efficient measurement method. When it combined with a professional GNSS receiver and will make your measurement become simple.                                

Quasi-dynamic survey function

A measurement method independently developed by Hi-Target, surveying in some tough areas where there is strong multi-path interference, signal blocking like standing beside the big trees.                      

Road engineering survey

Using for staking complex roads, combining road lines, and has three road algorithms (intersection, element, coordinate) support all kinds of roads, common line, and multi-type complex lines.                              


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