AT-45101CP Choke Ring GNSS Antenna            

AT-45101CP, with its unique 3D choke ring design, ensures an excellent multipath reduction performance across all GNSS frequency bands including L-Band. It is ideal for applications of CORS station, bridge, building deformation monitoring and geological monitoring due to its sub-millimeter phase center stability.            

AT-35101H Geodetic GNSS Antenna            

AT-35101H supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou Galileo and L-Band signals simultaneously, which is widely used in geodetic surveying, road construction and marine surveying, etc.                                            

AH-4236 High Precision GNSS Antenna            

 AH-4236 supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo and L-Band signals. Its IP67 ruggedized structure and strong anti-interference ability make it available to endure in challenging operating environments and ideal to apply in the industry of drones, robots, high-precision equipment and so on.                                      

AH-3232 High Precision GNSS Antenna            

The antenna LNA features an excellent out-of-band rejection performance, which can suppress electromagnetic interference, providing stable and reliable GNSS signals. 278mm*547mm in size and 18g in weight, AH-3232’s compact design makes it popular to apply in UAV, USV, AGA and in any applications which require high precision operations.                                            

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