Qpad X5 Rugged Tablet

The Qpad X5 is an industrial-grade tablet designed for GIS industry applications. Combined with the high-precision positioning module, it can provide up to 2CM accuracy positioning for fieldwork solutions.

Professional tablet in fieldwork

Connected with optional high-accuracy GNSS module, the Qpad X5 can achieve RTK performance with 2cm accuracy.                    

Performance of Qpad X5

7-inch highlight screen give you a comfortable working and viewing experience.

Highlight display design enable the visible capacity even in direct sunlight.

Android 5.0 OS and 8-core processor makes the Qpad X5 impressive high speed.

More than 8 hours battery life ensures the whole day work in the field.    


Mobile GIS data collection

Forest inventory solution

Cadastral solution          

Product Parameters


GNSS antenna

Network RTK precision: 2cm                

Single point precision: 2m

CM module performance

Network RTK precision: ≤ 0.2m              

Single point precision: 0.5m

DM module performance

Android 5.0

OS platform

RAM 2GB, ROM 16GB, T-Flash card up to 128GB



The capacity of battery

8-10 hours

Operation time


Product Information


Product Parameters

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