With its built-in multi-constellation GNSS engine, smaller dimension, and industrial-grade compact design, V30Plus provides a flexible GNSS work solution. Supports 4G module, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC technology, built-in Linux system, and 8G storage, to make the data transmission more convenient. Accompanied by Hi-Target professional field surveying software and its up-to-10-hours working time, V30Plus meets users’ needs of efficient and convenient surveying experience.
Key features
1.Multi-constellation GNSS engine;
2.440 tracking channels, extendable to 600;
3.Perfectly compatible with a variety of CORS systems;
4.Supports multiple transmission protocols.
Detail advantage functions
1.Full-frequency air antenna
1) Stable and better noise resistance full-wave GNSS antenna;
2) Supports a wide range of satellite tracking signals;
3) Reduces the multipath effect influence.
2.Multi-constellation GNSS engine 
1) 440 tracking channels, extendable to 600;
2) Auto-selection satellite constellations;
3) Provides reliable results in harsh environments with its unique GNSS positioning algorithm.
3.Smart application
1) Built-in Linux system and 8G storage;
2) Intelligent management of the static data;
3) Intelligent voice assistant for guiding field operations;
4) Standard Rinex data and Hi-Target raw data recorded simultaneously.
4.Data communication 
1) Compatible with other vendors’ communication protocols;
2) Long transmission distance and good electromagnetic compatibility;
3) Perfectly compatible with a variety of CORS systems.
1) Intelligent query of the device information;
2) Intelligent management of the device status automatically.