The Hi-Survey Road is an android software that is designed for all types of land survey and road engineering projects in the field. It is compatible with Hi-Target professional controllers, android phones, tablets and other third-party android devices. It is a sleek and easy-to-use software that supports the operating of big data with build-in tools. With customized industrial application solutions, more possibilities are created for users.
Key Features
1.Various algorithms to achieve high accuracy in corresponding measuring circumstances with a better reliability.
2.Tilt survey, quasi-dynamic technology, detail survey, timing static survey, etc.
3.Express interacting functions to greatly improve the work efficiency.Cross-projects points selection, QR code scanning, multi-format support, etc.
4.Integrated professional measurement functions for engineering applications,Road functions, DTM surface operations, Google online base map, etc.
1.Optimized tilt survey correction algorithm and procedure to boost efficient fieldwork.
2.Quasi-dynamic technology that improves the surveying accuracy in the harsh environment.
3.DTM surface design, staking out and earthwork calculation.
4.Quick registration and project settings with the QR code scanning.
5.Convenient cross-projects points selection for staking out, calculation, etc.
6.Access to third-party rangefinders for the distance and angle acquisition.
Road Engineering Survey
Integrated road function that supports the LandXml format in road staking out. The Hi-Survey Road supports road design, staking out and store cross-section.Design and apply the road in the Road Design, including the Centerline, Profile, Cross-section and Side-section.View the graphic, confirm the location of stakeout points, and stake out the road in the Stake Road.